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The Swedish market is to be regarded as modern, digitalized, expansive and exciting for many companies and industries. Despite this, the market is facing other challenges than the classic Central European markets, partly due to the large differences in population density and the differences in terrain. Central Europe is much more densely populated than Sweden and has a flat and non-challenging terrain that is well connected by hyper-modern infrastructure, unlike Sweden with a infrastructure that do not meet the same level. On the other hand, the Swedish market is distinguished by access to one of the world's best developed digital and IT infrastructures and by its population with very well-established knowledge and experience of digital trading venues that stretches as far back as to the mid-1990s. In comparison with Central Europe and the rest of the world, Sweden also has one of the most developed and versatile payment solutions. All in all, for many enterprises, the Swedish market is both a challenging and potentially lucrative marketplace, regardless of whether your end customer is located in Central Europe, Sweden, the rest of Scandinavia or elsewhere in the world.

If you are looking to establish a manufacturing-, marketing-, operations-, sales- or other division in Sweden, we can help you with the entire employment law aspect such as the employment conditions for key people, collective working groups, foreign personnel, Swedish or foreign unions as well as with the analysis and establishment of all labour law contractual relationships with employees, unions, authorities or other parties. We can also help you with all types of short and long consulting arrangements, co-ownership and partnership solutions and all other issues related to the labour law field, legal and negotiation part of your establishment.

The Labour Law Expert's lawyers have extensive experience of establishing foreign enterprises in Sweden within multinational retail companies, large IT and tech companies seeking server space on Swedish soil, multinational transportation companies, airlines, medium-sized construction companies as well as other businesses.

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I have worked with negotiation throughout my professional life, including representing entire industry organizations in the EU and participated in negotiating free trade agreements, but none have been able to match the negotiation team and especially the negotiation methodology and tactics provided by Arbetsrättsexperten Law firm.

Expert Negotiator, Karl Gustavsson

I had already worked with labour law for 15 years when I joined Arbetsrättsexperten, but it was only then that I first really came to understand labour law.

Jur.kand. Kristoffer Eriksson

Arbetsrättsexperten is a workplace characterised by pragmatism where a lawyer’s performance is based on the outcomes achieved for the client. It’s highly developing and inspiring for us lawyers; that the key is not to be right, but to win.

Jur.kand. Anna Lundgren