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To start or run a company with a connection to Sweden is a process in which most labour law rules come into play, depending on whether the company intends to employ domestic or foreign work force. An employer may need to manage the supply of personnel in different ways. The lawyers at the Labour Law Expert are specialized in the field to provide the best possible advice.

The supply of work force can mainly be managed in two different ways. Recruitment can take place either in Sweden in the traditional way or from abroad, from a cost-effective European Union Member State such as Romania or Bulgaria. With regard to the matter of collective agreements and participation in certain procurements where collective agreements are required, but also in other possible matters, employees can be guided to form and register their own unions. The company can then immediately conclude an agreement with the newly formed union to avoid several issues. Another option is to conclude the agreement in the employees' home country or to use the company's own staffing company located abroad or in Sweden for the supply of personnel. 

The lawyers at the Labour Law Expert are specialized in labour law and can assist the company in all kinds of situations.

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