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Swedish companies that want to secure their labor supply but also ensure that it can be done at an acceptable cost can solve the issue by creating their own staffing companies. By setting up a staffing company in an EU country such as Romania or Bulgaria and then employ parts of its staff there, the above-mentioned purpose can be fulfilled in a simple and efficient manner.

In Sweden, however, there is a risk that national unions with an interest in protecting the Swedish workforce from competition from abroad may require the company to sign a collective agreement. In general, signing such an agreement can result in serious financial consequences and other obligations. 

In order to avoid the mentioned issue, it is therefore common for staffing companies abroad to hire out its staff to a Swedish-owned sister company. Such a company has no employees at all and the legal opportunities for a union to demand a collective agreement do not exist at the same time as the company now have the opportunity to complement the main company's operations or act as its supplier.

This approach is common in sectors such as the transportation sector, the hotel and restaurant sector and the construction sector, but is emerging in more industries. The lawyers at the Labour Law Expert are specialists in labour law and can help you establish a tailored system for your company. There are always several approaches and arrangements that can be established.

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